mastery of the mind



The Metamorphoses is a modern  Mindset Design Practice. We offer trajectories of sessions that we call mindset design.  

Our mindset design sessions are developed  to solve your issues by  creating a structure within your thinking.  The Metamorphopses’  method of Mindset Design was created after two years of research and  development. We use our mindset design chart as  a visualisation of it. 

This way of working is a result of  knowledge and  experience with  Design Thinking (a systematic, human-centered approach to solving complex problems within all aspects of life) and Socratic Method (a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions)


The visual concept for our Mindset Chart was inspired by Heavens. Astronomy, astrology, and sky-charting. These charts and illustrations once served a variety of purposes: from marine navigation to personality analysis and even the prediction of fates. Crucially, in direct contrast to the ancient charts which predicted one’s inevitable fate, this modern chart will be used to take active control of one’s future through Mind Mastery.

“ Know to Become Thyself ”


Using this concept we created minimalist geometric icons for each stage of the  Mind Master’s journey all of which are connected within a larger geometric shape, a modern take on constellations within a sky-chart. We  aimed to make Talismans for the sections of the journey that clearly symbolized different concepts to allow for ease of understanding, yet still to be able to imbue them with a personal meaning or significance.

Welcome to The Metamorphoses...
Where Mindset Design helps you to create a structure within your thinking and therefore transforms your  life into a meaningful work of art. 

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