mastery of the mind




The sessions are meant to create a mental flow of circumstances in order to transform your thinking within a certain context and timing ⤋ 10 min read


We need to know the truth of your fears and a history of your reality in order to guide you into the right direction. THis is the first plane of the Mind Design journey. Here we create a fundament for your thinking. 

1. Mirror 

The process of mirroring is portrayed by the Talisman of the warped visage. The inspiration comes from the medieval act of staring at one’s own face in a mirror in a dim room until the reflection began to warp which was believed to reveal prophecies and unspoken truths. Similarly in this stage aspiring Mind Masters have to embark on inward reflection and can encounter elements of themselves they may not like or even recognize, thus represented here by the warped face.

2. Crushing

The process of crushing may seem overwhelming. The central inspiration behind the creation of this Talisman was therefore to convey the notion that a Mind Master does not have to feel isolated in, or overwhelmed by, this large undertaking. The external forces acting on the element to be crushed are therefore represented as coming in multi-directionally, which can be interpreted as additional support from say The Metamorphoses team, from supportive friends and family, or even increased personal strength enhanced by practices of personal growth such as mindfulness. The Mind Master themselves can choose to whom or what they assign this assistance in crushing.

3. Acceptance

Acceptance is an inherently challenging concept because it forces concessions: such as recognizing certain shortcomings or acknowledging sacrifices. Acceptance is therefore encapsulated in this Talisman as a balancing act, held together by opposing notions but existing in perfect symmetry and balance, directly in line with the emotional requirements of this process.


This session visualizes the concentration and precision required of the aspiring Mind Master as they narrow their focus on specific goals and make definitive choices for their future life philosophy. The narrow intersection of these lines houses the focal point of their transition into mind mastery as represented by the overlayed Talisman of the creation of a new reality.

Practicing New Mindset

Practicing a new mindset is depicted by a vast array of tiny points, existing on a plane between the preceding steps of transformation and the levels thereof (Logical, Emotional, and Sensory). This Talisman illustrates the idea that practicing a mindset is a vast undertaking that consists of countless tiny actions and thoughts all of which stem from the Talisman of Creation at the intersection of definition. Maintaining these practices is also a crucial step in conserving access to the levels of transformation as their presence on the chart indicates a sense of fluctuating openness and growth

Creation of New Reality

Set at the intersection of the definition of the new life philosophy and sprouting an array of bursts of activity and energy, the Talisman of Creation exists as a funnel through which Mind Masters gain access to the levels of transformation. Symbolised by a partial eclipse to visualize this sense of rebirth, the Creation talisman encapsulates a sense of transition.



Truth is symbolised here as the interaction between two elements: a chalice, representing knowledge, and a bird in flight, representing freedom. The Talisman of Truth herein portrays the notion that truth through knowledge will set you free.


This Talisman represents two concepts simultaneously, both the penetrative eye that is able to perceive its reality clearly as well as the rays of light emanating from a central energy piercing clearly through obstacles.


Confidence is depicted here as strong rooted organism with open-faced buds. Its limbs are sprouting and growing in many directions reflecting its courage to be open and vulnerable with the surrounding world.



The minimalist representation of the person bent backwards is a depiction of flexibility and understanding of the self. Within this state one find the power within oneself and is able to adapt and move flexibly when faced with new challenges and environments.


The Talisman of Intuition depicts a prism in the process of refraction. This symbolises the concept that Intuition is a tool used by the Mind Master to view things in a new light or though a new perspective.


Success is a concept whose definition varies from person to person as well as over time. In this Talisman, Success is therefore visualized as a blank scale on top of growth (symbolized by the leaf below the scale), meaning it is up to the Mind Master to determine how to balance their definition of success as they grow.



Inspired by the release of breath this Talisman mimics the freedom and lightness felt in Relief.


The upward facing open arms embracing the sun depict the notion of Peace. The sun, a free-standing circle, conveys a sense of unity while the connected arms evoke the act of acceptance.


The knot has been a long-standing symbol of Love, in this Talisman however the knot is, crucially, not closed o , symbolizing the Mind Master’s openness to new relationships and forms of love from all sources. Additionally, the strands of the knot are inward turned, representing the importance of self-love.