mastery of the mind



Dear future Mind Master,

Now you have a possibility to gain access to master unconsciousness and transform it into an empowered consciousness.

You will know the truth  about the past, present and future. Your mind will be capable to detect its blind spots and therefore allow you to become the architect of your life.

After the Mind Design Sessions, simply said mindset design therapy, with The Metamorphoses you will be a Mind Master. Someone who applies intuition to its big moves in life. Now as a result of this path you know thyself without pressuring yourself into unwanted. Balanced in  social relationships.

To be loved, unconditionally

Curious Mind

You can book 1 Intake session and receive our Diagnosis and personalised Mindset Chart. And then do it yourself.

Intake 2h + personal
Mindset Chart 

495 euro

Ready Mind

You are ready for a transformation within a specific topic, your life’s fundaments entirely or your business values and philosophy. You choose to commit and therefore you can make time for a weekly appointment with The Metamorphoses for 7 to 10 weeks.

7 sessions of 2 hrs +
personal Mindset Chart

2195 euro

Life of Mind Master

Life will happen after The Metamorphoses therapy, you might need access to us on your terms after you have mastered your mind going back to your everyday life. We give you access to The Metamorphoses  on continuous basis:

3 personal 2h sessions + 3 calls of 1h during the first 12 months after the therapy.
For Mind Masters only

1485 euro

Ready Mind
Life of Mind Master

3690 euro 

* all our prices are  VAT extempted

Our Mind Design Sessions take place in our private practice, also called our Art Space. For our international clients we offer our sessions on our digital platform. Please contact us through email to book your sessions or for more information.

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