we design your new life

/ˌme-tə-ˈmȯr-fə-səs /

striking alterations in appearance, character, or circumstances


“Know to Become Thyself”

Unconsciously our mind and body are in a continuous transmutation. It means that you are never the same as you were two minutes ago.

This phenomenon is called
evolution:  an unstoppable motion through time and space for the reinvention of yourself. The infinite capacity to regenerate and evolve into something new.

The incapacity of acceptance often can hold back the application of a new reality. 
That’s is why there is a need for an understanding in order to design and a need for design in order to understand.

We are The Metamorphoses: an art duo that transforms
your life into a living art piece. A way of living that refines details into wholeness, instead of refining wholeness into details.

Our craft creates a
revolution within an evolution. An artefact that contains the seven gateways towards a mastery of individuality.

The Metamorphoses is universal truth and knowledge understood and ancient  wisdom applied. A consciousness within an evolution. A mind through an experience and a design through reality; having you as a protagonist and an architect of your own life.

Our art is seeing improvement as a result and result in an improvement. 

We are the archeologists of the true essence of life. The ones who storage all the discoveries within themselves.The creators of a new design. The design of the knowing and becoming yourself.

As designers of The Metamorphoses we also believe that explanation kills art.”  

Therefore, forget about all of this.