mastery of the mind



The Metamorphoses practice is led by M.  Dei Conoscenti, master mental transformations and niche perfumery (Le Labo Fragrances) and Yana A. Gaevskaya, master l’art de vivre and extensive knowledge of arts, crafts, Mid Century design,  (Morentz Gallery)  interior and fashion. On  metaphysical level Dei stands for knowledge and Yana for wisdom.

The culture within our practice is based on honesty, trust,  growth and creation.  Our mindset design sessions are designed to create a structure within your thinking as a fundament for a meaningful life.

Dei Conoscenti by Alexander Voutchkov

Yana A. Gaevskaya by Alexander Voutchkov

“ Unconsciously our mind and body are in a continuous transmutation. It means that you are never the same as you were two minutes ago. This phenomenon is called evolution:  an unstoppable motion through time and space for the reinvention of yourself. The infinite capacity to regenerate and evolve into something new.
In general human beings are unconscious about these changes and therefore unable to influence and shape it into wanted results. Our craft creates a revolution within an evolution. An artefact that contains the gateways towards a mastery of a human mind.

We believe that an art of seeing improvement as a result, results in an improvement of life in general. We are the archeologists of the true essence of life. The ones who storage the discovery of the knowing and becoming yourself.

We work both on physical and metaphysical levels to achieve an optimal and lasting transformation. We believe your life is an art piece, therefore we create artworks that celebrate lives of extraordinary minds.  All of your dreams, desires, problems and patterns are solved here following the journey of the Mindset Design.”

- Dei